Rattenflut Zusatzmaterial
Rattenflut Zusatzmaterial

Rat Flood

Hard, harder – Hallstein! It is the third case for the LKA Berlin Commissioner. For the third part in his thriller series, true crime author Andreas Gößling adapted the UK’s greatest sexual abuse scandal and transplanted it in modern-day Berlin and a godforsaken Indonesian island. After the events in Drosselbrut, Kira Hallstein was officially granted leave by the LKA Berlin for health reasons, but unofficially she is working under a new identity for a secret Europol special unit. She has been assigned to do everything possible to finally bring down “The Brotherhood," which is responsible for the abduction, enslavement, torture and abuse of children and young people worldwide. A renowned pediatric cancer clinic in Berlin seems to belong to the worldwide network of the Brotherhood, and Kira has succeeded in making contact with one of the nurses there. But before she can learn anything useful from him, the young man is brutally murdered in a feigned robbery ...

It was only after the death of BBC host Jimmy Savile in 2011 that it came to light that Savile had been abusing hundreds of children and young people in hospitals and hospices for decades, to which he had unrestricted access as patron and fundraiser. In Rattenflut, Andreas Gößling adapts Britain’s biggest abuse scandal into a true crime thriller that will most certainly get under your skin. 

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  • Publisher: Knaur TB
  • Release: 01.04.2020
  • 528 pages
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Andreas Gößling

Andreas Gößling, 1958 in Gelnhausen geboren, lebt als Schriftsteller und Verleger in Berlin. Der Germanist, Politik- und Kommunikationswissenschaftler hat zahlreiche Romane und Sachbücher für erwachsene und junge Leser publiziert. Die True-Crime-Thriller „Zerschunden", „Zersetzt" und "Zerbrochen" zusammen mit Michael Tsokos waren allesamt Top-Ten-Bestseller auf der Spiegel-Liste. "Rattenflut" ist der dritte und abschließende Teil seiner mit "Wolfswut" und "Drosselbrut" gestarteten True-Crime-Reihe.