Kairra. Gift Of The Gods


  • For fans of dystopian fantasy with small science fiction elements
  • For readers who grew up with Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth
  • humorous character dynamics and diversity (gay/lesbian, race, physical disability)
  • addresses current social issues without being intrusive (refugees/war and rebellion, overpopulation, climate change)
Dystopian fantasy with a strong rebel who takes her fate and the future of her family into her own hands 


Kairra lives in a world with two suns. Along with a multitude of the damned - alleged thieves and murderers, misfits and the destitute - she inhabits the slum outside a city sheltered from the deadly heat. When she and her brother fall into the clutches of the despotic governor Zekoll, she learns that she is said to be descended from gods. To protect her brother from slavery and make their world livable again, Kairra takes up the fight - against the governor and against the gods themselves. She finds unexpected allies in Zekoll's cousin, a supposed messenger of the gods, and a young rebel who knows more than he's willing to admit...

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  • Publisher: Knaur TB
  • Release: 01.04.2023
  • 556 pages
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Cover Download Kairra. Geschenk der Götter
Kairra. Geschenk der Götter
Kerstin Behrendt, Hamburg

Asta Müller

Asta Müller was born in Hamburg. During her design studies, she lived with six other artists in an artist's villa sponsored by the Hamburg Department of Culture. This creative cohabitation has shaped her to this day. As a creative director, she developed campaigns for Hamburg advertising agencies for many years and travelled half the world during this time. When her daughter was born in 1998, she slowly turned away from advertising and has since worked as a freelance designer in order to devote more time to her second lifelong dream - writing novels. To this day, she lives in Hamburg with her husband.