The Pearl Princess - Rivals

  • For everyone who loves great historical family sagas with dramatic twists.
  • 950 weeks on the SPIEGEL bestseller chart, more than 15 million books sold.
  • With “Die Perlenprinzessin” (The Pearl Princess) Iny Lorentz seamlessly follows on from the success of her saga about migrants.

In order to win the hand of the beautiful Mina Thadd, the two young captains Simon Simonsen and Jörgen Mensing enter into a bet: Mina’s father will give his daughter’s hand to the one who returns from the Caribbean with the most valuable cargo. While Simon’s journey is a success, Jörgen suffers a shipwreck and loses almost all his crew. However, back in Hamburg he succeeds in giving Simon the blame for his accident and marries Mina. Between the men ensues a rivalry with deadly consequences, which will even determine the fate of their grandchildren.

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  • Publisher: Knaur TB
  • Release: 01.04.2021
  • 528 pages
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Die Perlenprinzessin. Rivalen
Die Perlenprinzessin. Rivalen

Iny Lorentz

Two authors from Munich are behind the pseudonym Iny Lorentz, whose first historical novel ‘Die Kastratin’ delighted readers straightaway. With ‘Die Wanderhure’ they had their breakthrough; the novel attained more than a million readers. Since then, bestseller has followed bestseller. Iny Lorentz’s novels have been sold in numerous countries. The film adaptations of their ‘Wanderhure’- novels and more recently the ‘Pilgerin’ have delighted millions of television viewers. In the spring of 2014, Iny Lorentz was awarded the ‘Ehrenhomerpreis’ for their special merits in the sector historical novel. The stage version of the ‘Wanderhure’ enthralled thousands of visitors at the open-air festival in Bad Hersfeld in the summer of 2014. Visit the authors’ hompage: