Forensic scientist Paul Herzfeld has not yet shaken off his last case, which is why he is temporarily transferred from Kiel to Itzehoe to a supposedly quieter place in pathology. But the ruins of the hospital archive there bear witness to a sea of flames, in which not only thousands of files and tissue samples fell victim to the fire, but in which Herzfeld’s predecessor in pathology also died. His was a death with too many inconsistencies, as Herzfeld finds. And the further he investigates, the clearer it becomes that he is on the trail of a scandal of immense proportions. The health of the people of northern Germany is under serious attack. His own investigations do not remain undiscovered for long. Soon a stone-cold killer follows him at every turn. Her murder weapon: a drone. Her favorite plaything: fire. As more and more corpses land on Paul Herzfeld’s dissection table, his investigations once again put the forensic doctor’s life in acute danger.Torched is the 2nd volume of the true crime thriller series around Paul Herzfeld, part 1 of the trilogy has been published under the title Shattered. The thriller series tells the prehistory of the forensic doctor Herzfeld from the thriller Cut Off by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos.

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  • Publisher: Knaur TB
  • Release: 03.02.2020
  • 352 pages

Michael Tsokos

Born 1967 in Kiel. He is head of the Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences) at Berlin’s Charité hospital and head of the Landesinstitut für gerichtliche und soziale Medizin in Berlin (Institute for Forensic and Social Medicine in Berlin). He is the best known German forensic scientist and works as an expert in Germany and abroad, for example for the UN, identifying the bodies of civil victims in war zones. His spectacular case collections Reader of the Dead (Dem Tod auf der Spur) und Tracing Death (Der Totenleser) have become bestsellers.In 2012 he published the thriller Abgeschnitten (Cut Off) together with Sebastian Fitzek. Beside his work as a forensic scientist and a writer, Professor Michael Tsokos has worked since 2012 as a presenter for the science documentary "Auf der Jagd nach Mr.X - das Forensik-Experiment" (Chasing Mr. X – the Forensic Experiment), which is produced by SKY and National Geographic Channel. Professor Tsokos lives in Berlin.