• Real cases, authentic investigations - volume 2 of the true crime series following Paul Herzfeld
  • 7 weeks in the top 10 of the SPIEGEL bestseller charts
  • “A real page-turner!” Sebastian Fitzek

Coroner Paul Herzfeld can’t let go of his last case, which is why he has been seconded from Kiel to Itzehoe; to a supposedly less intense position in the pathology department there. However, the ruins of the clinic archive there bears witness to a sea of flames whose victims are not only thousands of files and tissue samples, but also a pathologist. At the same time, an ice-cold killer is spreading her evil in northern Germany. Her weapon of choice: a drone. Her favourite toy: fire. Once again, Paul Herzfeld is forced to start his own investigation - with life and death consequences.


“It is almost as if Dr Paul Herzfeld has learned his expertise in forensics from Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne. Wonderful!” Jan Josef Liefers


“Only a professional like Michael Tsokos who has experienced such horror first hand is able to give you shivers and goosebumps against which even an oilskin jacket can’t offer protection.” Axel Prahl.


“Dr Fred Abel could almost envy the exciting cases Dr. Paul Herzfeld has on his PM table”. Tim Bergmann


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  • Publisher: Knaur TB
  • Release: 03.02.2020
  • 352 pages
Björn Pauli

Michael Tsokos

Born 1967 in Kiel. He is head of the Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences) at Berlin’s Charité hospital and head of the Landesinstitut für gerichtliche und soziale Medizin in Berlin (Institute for Forensic and Social Medicine in Berlin). He is the best known German forensic scientist and works as an expert in Germany and abroad, for example for the UN, identifying the bodies of civil victims in war zones. His spectacular case collections Reader of the Dead (Dem Tod auf der Spur) und Tracing Death (Der Totenleser) have become bestsellers.In 2012 he published the thriller Abgeschnitten (Cut Off) together with Sebastian Fitzek. Beside his work as a forensic scientist and a writer, Professor Michael Tsokos has worked since 2012 as a presenter for the science documentary "Auf der Jagd nach Mr.X - das Forensik-Experiment" (Chasing Mr. X – the Forensic Experiment), which is produced by SKY and National Geographic Channel. Professor Tsokos lives in Berlin.