Escape from the Everlasting Perma-Crisis

Solve today’s problems with the thinking of tomorrow

  • Best-selling author Maren Urner on old and new patterns of thought

  • How curiosity and courage prepare us for the challenges of the present

Bon courage - new thinking is needed now!

Our lives are becoming increasingly challenging. We have to combine our private and working lives, do good and always be up-to-date. And if all that were not enough, the climate crisis, coronavirus crisis, financial crisis, economic crisis and democracy crisis all demand answers from us.

How do we make the right decisions? The usual patterns of thought are no longer working in times like these, says Maren Urner. If we follow them, then failure is pre-programmed. Maren Urner counters these “static” patterns of thought with a model of “dynamic” thinking, which she has developed from new findings from the field of neuroscience and from psychological research. Curiosity, courage and understanding are needed in order to be able to think in a creative and solution-orientated manner. It is the only way to have a sustainable life that is determined by cooperation, meaningfulness and positive relationships.

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  • Publisher: Droemer HC
  • Release: 03.05.2021
  • 288 pages
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Raus aus der ewigen Dauerkrise
Raus aus der ewigen Dauerkrise

Prof. Dr. Maren Urner

Dr Maren Urner, born in 1984, studied cognitive science and neuroscience in Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, and gained her doctorate at University College London. In 2016, she founded Now 12,000 subscribers finance the advertisement free online magazine where one article per day is published – this article is well researched and solution-orientated making it constructive journalism.